• Prague, the most atmospheric capital in Europe
  • Faboulous rock cities in Bohemian Switzerland and Adrspach
  • Hiking in Karkonosze – highest range of the Sudetes
  • One of the largest hilltop fortifications in Europe – a monumental fortress in Königstein
  • Gorge of Elbe river
  • 3 countries, 3 national parks, 3 mountain ranges


Most time of the trip we will spend in the Sudetes Mountains. The Sudetes Mountains run for more than 250km: they range from the Elba Valley in Germany, along Czech-Polish border, to the Moravian Gate, a depression where the Odra River crosses the border of Poland, marking the start of the Carpathian Mountains. Sudetes don’t offer much alpine scenery. They were formed earlier than Alps and Carpathians; they are lower and in different shape. The most characteristic mountain areas of the Sudetes are the Table Mountains – gigantic sandstone slabs rising some 250 meters over the surrounding valleys. Millions of years of erosion have created spectacular rock formations. We will see some of these formations called rock towns. We will hike also through the most interesting parts of Karkonosze, the highest part of the Sudetes. During our trip we can visit 3 countries: Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. This will allow to get to know get to know different cultures, to try different local dishes and to see most beautiful places. On a dessert we can enjoy the magic of Prague!

Day by day:

D1: Arrival in Prague
Arrival in Prague, time for sightseeing. Overnight in a hotel in the city center.


D2: Prague – Train to Decin
Half Din Prgaue. Afternoon transfer by train to Decin in north-western part of Czech. Accommodation for 3 nights. Decin is beautifully located at the river Elbe, in the foothills of the Bohemian Switzerland. It is tourist center of the region. The most popular tourist attraction in the town is a Decin castle.


D3: Hiking in Bohemian Switzerland National Park
Short transfer with public transport to Hrensko on Czech-German border. We enter the National Park of Bohemian Switzerland (Ceskosaske Svycarsko). It is a land of sandstones. Giant blocks of sandstones were eroded during milions of years. The present-Dlandscape is a result of impact of rivers, rain, wind and frost. Thus the deep mountain passes and canyons, rock towers, gates or windows were created. Nearly whole area of the park is covered by well-preserved primeval forests. Colours of forests create with rock formations an unique paysage. On our road we can see the most beautiful places. We start hiking the Pravcicka Gate. This sandstone gate is a flagship point of the park. From there we can admire also a deep gorge of Elbe River (paradoxically, the river in this mountain area is the lowest point in Czech Republic!). We walk down to the valley of Kamenice River and return Hrensko along it. This part of our hike is very interesting, too. There are waterfalls and tunels, we cover few stretches of the trail with a boat. Return to Decin with local transport.


D4: Day in Germany. Königstein fortress and hiking Saxon Switzerland National Park
Again, we use a local transport to across German border and reach the city of Königstein. Our aim is sightseing one of the largest hilltop castle in Europe rising 240 m above the Elbe River. Inside the fortress we can admire second deepest well in Europe (150 m!). After exploring the castle we continue with hiking in the Saxon Switzerland NP. It is a twin range of the Bohemian Switzerland. We choose a trail leading through the most famous sandstone formation: Bastei. Return Decin


D5: Decin. Transfer to Szklarska Poręba in polish Karkonosze Mt
First half of a day we enjoy exploring the city of Decin. Later transfer with train to Szklarska Poreba. Accommodation for 2 nights in this popular SPA resort at the foothills of Karkonosze.


D6: Karkonosze National Park
Karkonosze (Giant Mountains) are the highest mountain range in Sudetes. The main ridge of the mountains runs from east to west and forms the border between Poland and the Czech Republic. Its highest peak, Sněžka-Śnieżka, is the highest peak of the Czech Republic. Gigant Karkonosze-Wall is characterised by an original shape, with steep sides and extensive flat peak areas. The characteristic features of its landscape are the glacial kettles with boulders and ponds hidden inside. Weathered granite rocks shaped like mushrooms or maces can also be found on the mountainsides.
It is also a kingdom of wild animals. Symbol of the park is a mouflon. Our hiking trail enable exploring the most important attractions of the Karkonosze. On our way we can admire waterfall of Kamieńczyk, few rocky formations, postglacial kettles and ponds, wet meadows and – of course – we walk along the impressive ridge. We climb the second and third highest peaks of the whole Sudetes.


D7: Rock Town in Adrspach. Return Prague
Morning we leave Karkonosze and go by bus to Adrspach, where we explore the most impressive rock town in Czech Republic. There is so many incredible shapes of sandstone rocks, that we can lose long hour on making up the names of them. Fortunately, most of the rocks has already got their name. For example: Sugarhead, Twins, Lovers, Governor, Chamber of elefants, Teeth, Devils Car, etc. After we leave the rock city we take a public bus to Trutnov and then a train to Prague, where we can enjoy our last evening.

D8: Departure
Flight back during the day